Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Donna Brizille and Al Sharpton who obviously know nothing about the black community has suggested that if Obama doesn't win the Nomination/Election then the blacks would riot. First of all this is ridiculous as the only people who would riot are middle class black people who are weak and not angry enough. The only people who would be able to cause problems are no longer in the position to cause major problems. White people do not know this even though people like me and Reverend Manning are trying to educate White People that this is unlikely because the black men are gone. I do not know if Donna and Al know that the problems in the hood the high prison rates and the racist Rockerfeller law as well as black on black violence in the hood has left a void of men. The ones who are left are more likely to riot due to police brutality not rather or not Obama becomes President.
How did Donna Brizille and Al Sharpton betray the black community first by implying that all blacks are so primitive that they cannot handle a loss by the first black man. That I find offensive. The second way is that they took a big chance and it almost happened that Whites riot against blacks. Folks if Whites riot against blacks--it never works out well for black people. They never win. Most Whites are not going to riot but if they are afraid of black people doing it. They will riot. Do not underestimate how angry white people are becoming due to unfair labels of being racists. They are becoming angry at remarks that Obama has made against Whites. He is going to lose because of these statements.
Donna Brizille and Al Sharpton are guilty of inciting a riot and should be charged with such. I am an African American woman who is very proud of my African American history and I am ashamed of how Obama, Sharpton, and Brizille have acted throughout this campaign.

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