Monday, August 25, 2008

Rudy Giuliani says that Obama made a bad choice when it comes to picking his VP. He says that he and Biden are friends and that he likes the Senator but Hillary would have been a better choice and a way to keep Hillary's 18 million voters. Rudy felt the pain for the JR. Senator of New York. He says that Hillary would have been the best choice.
McCain may pick Romney as his VP choice which would also show that he understands Party Unity. He and Romney had a bitter Primary challenge as did Obama and Clinton.
There is a lot of bad blood between the supporters of Clinton and the supporters of Obama. 27% of all Hillary supporters are voting for McCain and 20% are staying home. This number is now expected to rise since Obama never even vetted Hillary for VP. This decision was so bad.
The truth is all African Americans in this Country are not voting for Obama and that is what he would need to even make a dent in what Hillary supporters he lost. Obama doesn't stand a chance now in November. He needed to get 99% of the Hillary supporters to win in November he now has less then half that number. He really blew this one.
Come on Supers you have two days to do the right thing and nominate the winner. She will show Obama what Party unity is and turn right around and offer it to him.

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