Sunday, August 10, 2008


Howard Dean and the DNC came to the Convention Center in Pittsburgh PA to build their Party's platform. He was met by a dozen protesters outside of the Convention Center. Dean also took a bus tour through the "hoods" including my neighborhood. I organized 7 of my friends and we went down to protest and to let him know that we, African American women, weren't falling in line either. We demanded that Hillary's name be put into Nomination. Dean told us that it was Hillary's decision. We also told Dean we were challenging Obama's eligibility to serve as POTUS as he is not an American Citizen. Dean seemed upset to see us in the hood. I guess he thought that only Whites were opposed to Obama it shocked him seeing a group of black people meeting him with our PUMA signs. We were dressed in our Hillary gear. To bad the Media are a bunch of punks because they are to scared to come to the hood. They didn't even report when Obummer's was here during the Primary. I have to tell the DNC that if I go through any problems during the Primary that I will fight back worst this time. I will do whatever I have to protect my family. I am not going to allow anyone to step on my property. I will defend myself by whatever means necessary.

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