Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Senator Clinton gave a wonderful speech and threw her support to Senator Obama. I know she had to do that to unify the party but I still am not backing him. He is not my type of candidate. He is still a liar and very lazy.
Senator Clinton is my heroine. She inspired me a long time ago. It was her inspiration that lead me to began to turn my troubled life around. I am very proud of Senator Clinton. I was proud of her before this election and I am proud of her now.
I watched as the Republicans and the conservative press and the sexist Chris Matthews attack Hillary Clinton during the 90s. They tried to indict her and threatened her with jail for what turned out to be nothing. They went out of their way to embarrass and humiliate Senator Clinton but she did not remain knocked out for long she fought back. The Republicans learned to respect her and even the conservative press who disagree with her on the issues have learned to respect her. Chris Matthews is the only person who continued to hate Hillary for what I do not know. I think he hates women. He is very sexist.
I watched as Chris Matthews was joined in his hatred by CNN and MSNBC as well as the rest of the MSM. They were joined in this attack by Senator Obama and his wife as well as the entire DNC. They played the race card on Hillary, Bill, and Gerry. They called her supporters racist if they were not African American and they called her African American supporters race traitors and oreos as well as Uncle Toms. I watched as they stole delegates from her and gave them to him. I watched as they pressured her into dropping out but she refused. I watched as Obama and the DNC continued to attack Hillary and Bill Clinton. This made me not only angry but enraged. I was enraged at the black people who called me an Uncle Tom and I was told that "You are keeping a brother down." Never mind that Hillary is my sister and my heroine. Not all black people did this. I began to get into fist fights with people over this election and I had lost my sense of humor. I found and this gave me a safe place to vent. I also found others who were also angry.
I watched her speech last night even though I have been unable to watch her on the stump for him I was able to watch her speech and every time she mentioned his name I booed and hissed and screams obscenities but when she was finished with her speech a very good speech which shows she is the right choice. I no longer hated Barack Obama I am still angry but I do not hate him. I have no intention of supporting him because I do not reward racist candidates no matter what race the racist is.
Thank You Senator Clinton you know you will be President someday. I love you and I admire you but I cannot do what you ask of me and that would be to support a man that I do not trust.

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