Saturday, August 23, 2008

At 3 am the McCain campaign will release a new attack ad using Hillary. McCain asked the questions that a lot of angry Hillary supporters say. "Why not Hillary she had 18 million votes." It's because she told the truth. I love the idea of McCain using Hillary to smack the crap out of Obama. I want to see more of this. I think Hillary would be better off leaving this party if she doesn't have the nomination as they stole this from her. I am saying this I would love to see her accept McCain's VP. The Republicans wouldn't be upset as they would know she would bring with her 18 million voters and a popular two term president. She would help McCain defeat her enemy. I hope she will consider it if he asked her. McCain and the Republicans have shown her more respect then the Democrats and Obama.


Charles said...

If Hillary had run in 2004 but Kerry still had gotten the nomination would you have voted for Bush? Will you subject this nation to another 4 years of Bush-style policies out of spite for Obama? And in hopes that the only true candidate can run in 2012 (assuming we still have a democracy then)? Why don't you just write-in Dick Cheney instead? COMNTSMF (Cutting Off My Nose To Spite My Face) might be a better acronym for this movement but if McCain is elected because of your abandoning the Democratic party you will be forever known as PUMAs (Pushed Up My Ass!). Bill certainly believes in a cult of personality but I doubt Hillary really does. I would love for her to be the first female President of the United States but I think it's pretty stupid (and selfish) to try to ruin any chance of a Democratic presidency until she's the only candidate. I'm a Democrat, not a Obama-maniac but I don't want another 4 years of right-wing disasters!

Hillarysmygirl08 said...

First of all I do not like Kerry but I voted for him in 04 because he was better then Bush.
That being said. McCain is nothing like Bush but Obama is just like Bush a man with no experience who wants to destroy this Country. I do not agree with Obama on any issue. I, however, agree with McCain on several issues. I believe that McCain will reach across Party lines for this Country and has done so earning himself enemies in the Republican party. Party Unity My Ass has nothing to do with hating Obama or even about loving Hillary. It has to do with the fact that the DNC stole delegates from Her and gave it to him. It has to do with the fact that Obama has been allowed to get away with sexism. I believe that Obama would be a disaster for women as he is very sexist. McCain pays his female staffers more then he pays his male staffers while Obama pays his male staffers more. He also doesn't really believe in women's rights and would set us back. Perhaps you don't care about such things but I do.
I also want to let you know that I am not a Democrat or a Republican anymore since both Parties are more interested in party loyalty then in doing what is right for this Country.
I am a Proud member of PARTY UNITY MY ASS and if Obama is defeated it would be the best thing for this Country as he is a racist radical who will bring disaster to this Country and allow the Countries who are our enemies destroy us.
You are free to vote for anyone you choose as I am allowed to choose anyone I wish.
I am voting for McCain because he is the best choice out of the two men I have.
Obama doesn't have a chance. You cannot insult 78% of the Country and expect to win.
I wish I could vote for Obama as an African American I have waited for a black president for years but he must be qualified and know what to do.
I published your comment because your comment I disagree with but you did not insult Bill and Hillary and you are voting Party. Perhaps you should tell those Obamamanics that they should stop insulting people if you want him to win but do not blame us. Obama and his supporters are rude and ignorant.