Thursday, August 14, 2008

Here is the botox queen Nancy, I have done nothing, Pelosi threatening Lieberman's chairmanship because he said Obama was inexperienced. Did he lie? Hell no he didn't lie. He told the truth and shame the devil. He owes nothing to the democratic Party and his vote is still important. I mean good Lord I remember what the Democratic Party did to him. No wonder he backed the Republican he's smart. He knew that was a disaster and didn't want to be involved. I like John McCain and he is like a Democrat more so then Obama because I am not to sure what he is yet. I will still like John McCain even if Hillary wins the nomination I just won't be voting for him anymore. Joe knows that President McCain would not be bad for this Country. He and I disagree on some issues but I would be OK with a McCain President. I like Hillary better but I respect Senator McCain and I have developed a deep respect for Cindy McCain. She is very brave and not a timid woman she reminds me of Hillary Clinton. That earns her big points. I didn't really know anything about her and now I found out I like her. Maybe that is what this is all about to teach Democrats and Republicans that they are all Americans. I don't care who the nominee is I will not disrespect John McCain or his supporters because they may call us Liberal but they don't call us disrespectful names.
That brings me to the second part of the article. Nancy called disgruntled Hillary supporters who bulk at backing Obama "less then gracious." First of all what man was forced to drop out when no official nominee was named. Not any Democrat. Please Kennedy, Jesse Jackson, and Howard Dean all had their names put in for nomination.
This year the convention is brokered. That means that Obama did not capture the nomination. He did not capture enough pledged delegates and those are the prize not the Super delegates. There will be no winner in the first round. Obama will not have enough Pledged delegates. They will have to go to other rounds. Hillary could emerge the nominee. If that happens what will emerge from the convention is as much as I hate this Clinton/Obama.
Only Obama knows what skeletons are in his closet. I know more and more are coming out everyday. What else does the American people not know. It's bad he has shown he is not experienced enough to unite the party. How is he going to unite the Country. It's not his race that is standing in his way. It's his inexperience. He is not ready. This is his only shot and I know he knows that. Can you win it Senator Obama? Is the Whitey tape true? Were you raised a Muslim? These are all questions that have to be answered. Perhaps it would be best to step aside. Can you fix these mistakes? I think you can fix it. You get some experience and learn what the truth is. You get your nose out of the air and learn to really respect women then perhaps you can fix the problems you have. That is what Barack Obama or Barry Soerotto or whomever he is needs to ask himself. The DNC doesn't give a damn about Obama or Hillary they just want to make this Country Ultra Liberal. The American people want centralist not Right or Left the Republicans got it. Why do the Democrats think the people gave them control of congress in 06 because the Party moved from the right. The Republicans ran only Liberals this year. They got the message. The DNC gives us Obama the Ultra Liberal or the Neo con. He switches every day. He hasn't quite hit that center yet. I never saw anyone do that before.

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