Sunday, August 17, 2008

This article is very good it explains in detail how certain leaders stole this nomination from Hillary. The Party set out a system designed to rob Hillary Clinton during the Primary. With the willing help of the Obama campaign and the MSM the three worked together to steal the nomination from Hillary.
It did not work the Democratic party is having a civil war no matter how much they pretend that there is Party Unity. I have seen Party Unity this isn't it. You have a group protesting this PARTY. They call themselves PARTY UNITY MY ASS. I know there is a more PC version but I am not one to use that one. Party Unity My Ass expresses my feelings more then the People United Means Action.
We need to take our Party back from these crooked DNC. I bet the Down Ticket Democrats are nervous. I bet they are thinking of their seats and wondering if he is going to cost them.
I wonder about the pledged delegates often they are also Down Ticket Democrats. Are they nervous. They should be the bottom of the ticket is only as strong as the top of the ticket.
Delegates and Super delegates you have two weeks to do the right thing and save your jobs. Obama doesn't care if you get reelected or not. He is to obnoxious.

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