Monday, August 11, 2008

This article speaks for me. Barack Hussein Obama was selected by the crooked DNC. They planned on taking over the Party from the popular Clintons. The Main Street Media and the DNC worked together using Barack Hussein Obama to knock out Hillary. The Obama campaign were allowed to make negative statements against the only two term Democratic Party. He said the Republicans were better then Bill Clinton. The Obama campaign accused Bill Clinton of being a racist simply for saying Obama's opposition to the war was a fairy tale. They called him racist for saying that Jesse Jackson won South Carolina. I do not see the racist remarks. They allowed the Obama campaign to insult life long Democrats who were told repeatly that they were racist and they were no longer needed. They then completely turn around and try to welcome us back into a party but now we don't want to play with them. We made friends with the Republican they didn't tell us we weren't wanted. John McCain thinks that we are real important while Obama tries to woo us with threats.

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