Sunday, August 10, 2008


How can you tell the Birth Certificate is an issue? The Obots come out in droves to attack what you write or what you report that has been written. You know the Obots have no brains to think for themselves. They counter us with such arguments like Hillary lost get over it. They argue the lies. The truth is they do not know any more then we do where their thief was born. They leave comments on this site like they are getting published. This last idiot Obot decided to tell me that I can find out the truth on the propandga on Fight the Smears. Yeah Like I am going to believe anything that comes out of Obama's mouth.
Hey Obots guess what Hillary suspended her race and she didn't end it. It doesn't matter to me rather she wins or she doesn't my principal concern is that Obama loses by as much of a victory as possible. Perhaps Hillary will emerge the Nominee or perhaps she won't but either way Obama will never step foot in the White House.
Face it Obama's losing and he is losing blue states. I can see it now the biggest loser in History.

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